Office of the Provost

Dr. Joseph Jones, Provost

F. Scott Fitzgerald said: "What we must decide is perhaps how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are." At North Park University we are privileged to create value through cultivating lives of significance and service. Our faculty and staff journey with students along a path filled with discovery. These adventures stretch our minds and stir our souls to create what Albert Einstein called a "holy curiosity."

In this distinctive learning community, we provide an educational experience that is intellectually challenging, characterized by open inquiry and collaborative scholarship. Opportunities for leadership development, reflective service and global engagement are embedded in the vigorous culture of this academy. We are engaged learners exploring the complexities of literature, the sciences and the praxis of vocations.

Our faculty are gifted curriculum innovators. They stimulate cognitive development through the integration of faith, service, and learning in our multicultural context, the city of Chicago. The foundation of this work is entrenched in our transformative identity of being: Distinctively Christian, Intentionally Urban and Purposely Multicultural. This identity liberates faculty and students to investigate the intricacies of spiritual capital, to nurture cultural intelligence, and to buttress the commonality of service.

We are a holistic faith community that understands and can articulate our mission to prepare students for lives of significance and service. We are a diverse community in faith traditions and people cultures. We are an urban community where Chicago and the world meet as our text and context for learning.

In the words of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux: "Some seek knowledge for knowledge sake, this is curiosity. Some seek knowledge to be known, this is vanity." We at North Park University seek knowledge to serve others with lives of significance. In Saint Bernard’s words, this is the definition of charity. As the biblical text suggests in I Corinthians the 13th chapter: "without charity we are nothing."

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Dr. Joseph Jones, North Park University Provost